Friday, September 3, 2010

The Christian Woman

For a Christian Woman, sexual and emotional integrity means that her thoughts, words, emotions, and actions all reflect an inner beauty and a sincere love for God, others, and herself. This doesn't mean she is never tempted to think, say, feel, or do something inappropriate (more on that later), but she tries diligently to resist these temptations and stands firm in her convictions. She doesn't use men in an attempt to get her emotional cravings met because she knows ultimately it doesn't satisfy. Satisfaction needs to be found outside of a person because a person will always disappoint you at some point (even with "realistic" expectations). Part of it lies in reveling in who God created you to be and who He is. She doesn't dress to clamor for male attention yet she doesn't wear muumuu's either. She may be an uberfashionista, or a laid-back lady, and even appear sexy (like beauty, sexy is in the eye of the beholder), but her motivation isn't seduction or self-seeking. She presents herself well because she knows she represents Her Creator to others. God loves beauty (obviously)- look at the Universe. It's a gorgeous canvas of colors, shapes, and sizes. As with the Christian Woman- she shines the glory that has been given to her. Not only outer-beauty but inner-beauty because once you got your "beauty swag" right, it will automatically manifest outside. A woman of integrity doesn't just talk the talk but she walks with a confident sway in her step. She lives according to the standards of Love rather than law. She knows ultimately her whole life should boil down to Love God and Love People just like she has learned to Love herself. For her Father has given her immeasurable worth and she lives like it everyday.

"You are a Special Unrepeatable Miracle, Act like it"

Instead of walking around trying to fill your bucket of worth with the dust that people give you.

Questions to check your Integrity/Motives
  • Are my actions loving to others?
  • Is this something I'd be proud of?
  • Is this my highest standard? (this is a killer right here)
  • Is this in line with my convictions?
  • Would this be better left unsaid?
  • Will this benefit others?

If you need more than one word to answer one of these question then back to the drawing board. Be honest with yourself and examine your motives. Rationalizing is the mother of stagnancy. Be real with yourself bc if you're faking yourself- how are you going to help someone if you can't even be honest with yourself? *can the church say amen while I'm waving my handkerchief in the air*

This is what I've been learning and I of course wanted to share. This isn't to condemn or point fingers bc who am I? Lord knows I have my own challenges. But this word encouraged and checked me. I hope it encourages you too!

--some of this was adapted from "every woman's battle"


  1. to my love child!I didn't know in 1978 I would have even know what I know now is I will be celebrating your amazing life on our anniversary as like Virgin Mary I'm proud of you being my love child.....mamajean we love you simmone!!!

  2. Simmone so blessed to have the time with you.mamajean